Process Design Consultants

Professionals in Engineering Vision into Technology

Did you know, with process automation, you can save tens of thousands of dollars annually? Guide us through your environment, give us a journey of your vision and let us help you make it all happen.


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Consultation with Integrity

A Great Company is not something one can self proclaim. It has been a label given to us by our clients time and time again.

Perhaps it is our adherance to moral and ethical principals. Integrity, however, is just one of the foundations of how we approach everything we do. Our only interest is our client's success and this does sometimes overlook our own profit.

In fact, we've turned down quite a few potential clients and have instead educated them with approaches to other alternatives based on their needs. Our consultation approach should be industry standard. We try to achieve your goal in the fewest amount of hours possible and utilize as many of the tools that are already available -- rather than rebuilding wheels.


Ethical Billing Practices

While you may wish to ignore it, it's the sad truth. There are plenty of unethical business overcharging you, double billing their time and even rounding up to the nearest half hour.

We use proprietary software to keep track of all development hours. Having a great, responsible team of developers is one thing, having an application that simply does not allow discrepancies is peace of mind.

Constant Communication

We make it simple for you to keep in contact with us, including our developers. We believe the easier the access you have to us, the more efficient we will be at meeting your goals.

Most of our clients are granted a lead developer who will also manage most communication. So, why not have access to this person? Our developers are most happy when needs aren't lost in translation. That's why we do it and that's why we promote it.

Educating our Customers

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime ~ earliest known source: Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie (1885)

It's very difficult to argue with good philosophy. When we can - and when it is relevant, we do not miss the opportunity to help educate our clients. It is engraved in our core.

Extension of your Team

We build relationships with our clients that last a long time. Our consultants are not considered your vendors, they are part of your team.

We hold hands with our clients on many journeys and even if we don't have physical seats at your job site, you can rest assured that you have consultants here that represent your best interest. Let us help you extend your department services.